My Story is a quintessential American dream. Twenty three years ago I came to America as a refugee from the war destroyed Sarajevo. I’ve been a mother, a woman, a blond, a brunette, a wife, a cryer, a laugher, a sister, an economist, a swimmer, a wonderor, a fighter, a loser, half Muslim, half Christian, a cook, a dog mom, a daughter of a diplomat, my Mom’s friend, an aunt, a friend, a rock strong, a weakness, an executive, a beginner, a stand up comedian, the ‘Other’, a coward, an interpreter, a consultant, a Bosnian, a talker, an artist, a 44 year old soon, an American. I sit in my Sausalito studio, I look around and my paintings make me smile and cry. They make me think of each person that I met along the way, every experience that shaped me to paint, the heartbreaks, the moments that elevated me, all events that led up to this. I paint inspired by colors that I found in those dark places inside of myself.

I chose my narrative, what’s yours?


Vedrana’s attitude to life and what she transfers to painting is just like the Croatian meaning of her name: bright, positive. Her paintings are true fireworks of passion, color, surprise, strength and spite. All of her work is an explosion of life and energy; even the one that celebrates the end of her Father’s life (Letting go), it shows light and strength. 
And just when we think that all Vedrana’s paintings are masterfully colored, she takes us into a black and white world, skillfully painted in monochrome shades. 
It is impossible to underestimate simplicity and power of her paintings. In the process of creating them, her brush strokes are precise but bold, as if from the very beginning she knows where she is going and what she intends to tell us. 
In Vedrana’s paintings, everything is there with a reason, just like in life. How far we will get in her art and in what way we will understand and feel her provocative playfulness, depends only on us. 
Her art is best described by the feeling it leaves you with: “La vita e’ bella!”. 

Silvia Kukanja, Author


Full of wonder and with restless mind, Vedrana paints in her studio in Sausalito, California. Every day is a gift.

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Some selected accolades

  • Marin County Fair Exhibition 2019, San Rafael, California, Jury’s Special Award, July 2019

  • The Outrage, Washington DC, April 2019

  • aMUSEme, ICB Artist Gallery, March 2019

  • Women’s History Month, White Rabbit, San Francisco, March 2019

  • Pop Up Gallery, Larkspur, California, December/January 2018

  • Winter Open Studios, Sausalito, California, December 2018

  • ICB 50th Anniversary Show, San Rafael, California, December 2018

  • San Francisco Women Artists Gallery exhibition, Theme "Patterns", Jury’s choice, June 2018